GOODAXIS ICT provides flexible and extensive information technology support to organisations. This service is designed to help organisations get the most out of their IT and to improve efficiency.

Many organisations welcome the opportunity to partner with GOODAXIS ICT - both for short-term and long-term project services. GOODAXIS ICT is the key to unlocking IT potential and delivering true customer satisfaction.

We offer the following:

o   Mobile Marketing:

  • We can design superb quality mobile websites that will make viewing your website on a phone or tablet a pleasant experience.


o   Website Design:

  • We offer custom website design and graphic design on a variety of platforms.


o   Social Marketing:

  • Social Media has begun to take over the world of advertising online. The ability to not just market but interact with "friends" and "fans" empowers businesses in a real way. We can completely handle your social media marketing needs.


o   SMS and Email Marketing:

  • SMS and email marketing can help reach thousands of current and prospective customers at the click of a button. There is no other advertising like SMS and email marketing in the world now!


"Success in digital marketing comes from having a brilliant website and combining it with the right mix of SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media and PPC".



Were for Businesses, small or BIG


Whether you’re a start up, small business or a global company we have the skills and experience to achieve the best possible results for your business.