GOODAXIS follows a well defined operational procedure to ensure process integrity and minimize inherent risks. We operate a standard modality in line with the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity as encapsulates in the Labour Act Cap 198 LFN 1990 (Sections 23, 24, 25 and 71). The requirement of our clients is considered in line with the labour law. We help clients establish the right strategy, and help them in devising a plan to implement the strategy and de-risking the plan to ensure success.


Our Procedures


  • Project Identification: Initially, we gather as much information on the project as possible. We focus on identifying specific project objectives and project stakeholders.


  • Discovery: We focus on clients’ business needs at this stage. We identify opportunities, assess requirements, review environment and confirm validity.


  • Analysis: At this stage, we gather documentation, identify solution and costing, confirm and validate with client and prepare the process implementation plan.


  • Initiate GOODAXIS Concepts: We introduce our concept at this stage which is based on our; (i) Experience, (ii) Knowledge and (iii) Research & Development.


  • Transition Management: At this juncture, we adapt process plan, emulate client process, document operating plan, and confirm performance requirements.


  • Stable Stage Operation: We enhance operational efficiency and create greater operational flexibility. We focus on feedback mechanism to maintain operations at this stage.